Vector Race is a racing game where you can play alone or with friends in online and local matches

Inspired by the old slot car games, Vector Race is a simple and objective game that can be played by everyone!

Easy to learn, hard to master. Vector Race is a self-explanatory game, you just have to touch the pad to accelerate your car and release it to brake. Watch out for corners, if you are too fast you will slide off the track

Connect with Facebook to fight for the ranking with your friends. Race against the ghosts of your friends in asynchronous races and find out who is the fastest


Invite your family and friends to play fun races of up to 4 players on the same device in local multiplayer matches

Don't be surprised if the track starts to change color. The track is always the color of the car that is winning the race. That is really cool!

In Career mode race against the CPU to win gold in every race and unlock new cars

Did you win all the gold trophies? Great, the challenge now is to win every Hard Mode race to win a special car!

Check out the songs. This was composed by Barry Leitch, the legendary composer of the Top Gear soundtracks, Horizon Chase, Lotus and several other amazing racing games.

Download Vector Race for free, invite your friends and have fun!

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